Attitudes and Related Psychosocial Constructs

Attitudes and Related Psychosocial Constructs

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Aiken, Lewis R.
SAGE Publications Inc
EAN: 9780761924531
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"I would find this book a tempting alternative to my current text for two reasons: its coverage of more recent research and theorizing… and its focus on applications of attitude measurement and survey research to a number of very important practical issues."

— RICHARD HARRIS, University of New Mexico

Attitudes have a major impact on behavior and one′s ability to manage and adapt to change while also influencing the behavior of others. This text provides a compact but comprehensive research-oriented treatment of attitudes and related psychosocial constructs (values, opinions, beliefs, and personal orientations). It focuses on the meaning, measurement, and utility of attitudes in various applied settings, such as education or the workplace. The topics explored include social and personal matters such as prejudice and discrimination, illness and disability, death and dying, poverty and unemployment, conflict and violence, schools and teachers, work and retirement, and politics, religion, and morality. The book will prove valuable to both students and professionals who find themselves involved with measuring, evaluating, and modifying attitudes.

EAN 9780761924531
ISBN 0761924531
Typ produktu Měkká vazba
Vydavatel SAGE Publications Inc
Datum vydání 27. března 2002
Stránky 328
Jazyk English
Rozměry 228 x 152
Země United States
Autoři Aiken, Lewis R.