Broadband Fixed Wireless Access

Broadband Fixed Wireless Access

AngličtinaPevná vazba
Engels Marc
Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
EAN: 9780387339566
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Podrobné informace

Broadband Fixed Wireless Access provides a systematic overview of the emerging WiMAX technology, and much of the material is based on the practical experiences of the authors in building new systems. This material will be of significant interest to network architects and developers of broadband fixed wireless access products.  With the advent of the IEEE 802.16 standard (has the standard or any part of it been adopted or is likely to be adopted soon?) and next generation equipment, this technology has been growing in interest. The authors discuss applications at microwave frequencies between 2 and 11 GHz that could be attractive options for operators without an existing access infrastructure for reaching end users. This introductory volume demystifies the technology and provides technical exposure to the various system trade-offs. Additionally, the book features the following highlights:

- Detailed modeling of broadband fixed wireless access propagation channel, including new measurements for its time variation

- An extensive overview of the IEEE 802.16 standard

- A tutorial on implementation challenges for WiMAX terminals

- Discussion of the suitability of various multi-antenna techniques

- Elaboration of various techniques, i.e. autodirecting antennas, bridging with WLAN, and multi-hop networking, that can be used to reduce the cost of ownership of a WiMAX network for an operator

The authors cover a wide range of topics, from network deployment to implementation of terminals. Wireless professionals will gain a head start from the information on WiMAX technology. This is a must read book when starting with broadband fixed wireless access.

EAN 9780387339566
ISBN 0387339566
Typ produktu Pevná vazba
Vydavatel Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Datum vydání 24. srpna 2006
Stránky 212
Jazyk English
Rozměry 235 x 155
Země United States
Sekce Professional & Scholarly
Autoři Engels Marc; Petre Frederik
Ilustrace XX, 212 p.
Série Signals and Communication Technology