Adventures in Two Worlds

Adventures in Two Worlds

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Cronin, A. J.
Pan Macmillan
EAN: 9781447252795
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Podrobné informace

Adventures in Two Worlds – an autobiographical novel by A J Cronin, creator of television’s Dr Finlay and author of The Citadel and many other bestsellers.

A master storyteller, A J Cronin presents possibly his most fascinating tale. Taking material directly from his own life, he tells of the early struggles of a poor medical student in Scotland, the cruel crushing of all hopes of becoming a surgeon, the years as a ship’s doctor and, later, life in the country practice that was the real Tannochbrae.

There are many strange twists and turns – not the least of them the dramatic move from the world of medicine into that of literature when a novel ‘written despairingly on twopenny exercise books, thrown out and rescued from the rubbish heap’ was accepted by a publisher. And with Hatter’s Castle a new career was born.

EAN 9781447252795
ISBN 1447252799
Typ produktu Měkká vazba
Vydavatel Pan Macmillan
Datum vydání 29. srpna 2013
Stránky 346
Jazyk English
Rozměry 234 x 156 x 20
Země United Kingdom
Autoři Cronin, A. J.