Why Megabooks

Our company has been engaged in the import and distribution of foreign literature in Slovakia since 2006, focusing on teaching materials of the most used world languages. In addition, we also bring a variety of foreign fiction and specialized professional literature, and thanks to cooperation with hundreds of publishers, we offer the most comprehensive database of foreign language literature. It currently contains more than 8 million books, and that number is growing by hundreds of new titles every day.


We are the exclusive importer of ELT (English Language Teaching) materials of one of the oldest university publishers Oxford University Press , which has long maintained its leading position on the Slovak market in the sale of these exclusively delivered titles intended for teaching the English language.


In exclusive cooperation with the leading pedagogical publishing house Klett nakladatelství , we bring all Slovak versions except English textbooks for other languages taught, the teaching materials offered meeting the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference.


In 2019, we imported 14,796 different titles in a total volume of 641,283 books and received a number of orders, the equipment of which we record with a success rate of 99.47%. Statistically, we cannot deliver only 1 title out of 200.
An English textbook has become an absolute bestseller Project, 4th Edition 2 Workbook , from which we shipped 32,490 pieces.


Since the beginning of our operation, we have managed to import books from Australia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, China, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Canada, Libya, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, USA and UK.

Mission and attitudes

The company mission is based on the idea that books are not just a livelihood and a general medium for us, but we can draw inspiration from them, broaden our horizons with them and for a moment abandon the problems of today. We understand the book, whether in traditional paper or modern electronic form, as an important pillar on which the formation of the human personality stands. Therefore, through our work, we try to appeal, among other things, to those responsible to encourage young people to read and work with the book.

Based on the management system and quality policy, we follow the following positions:

  • We prioritize satisfied customers over profit and we are responsible for the quality of services performed by deepening the individual qualifications and competencies of our employees.

  • We take note of the competition, fully respect it and do not try to fight it.

  • We increase efficiency in performing work activities by introducing and using modern methods and technologies.

  • We use part of the profit to support projects that deal with foreign language training or assistance for socially disadvantaged groups./p>

  • We have set up internal organizational processes so that there are no gender inequalities in average wages and the number of women and men employed.