Frequently Asked Questions - eBooks / Audio


How does the purchasing process of electronic titles work?

Just like paper. The only difference is that at this time it is not possible to buy a book and an ebook at the same time. Unlike a standard purchase, e-books can only be paid for with a credit card.

What happens when I buy an ebook or an audiobook?

After paying by card, we will send a request to the licensee's database and he will immediately generate a link where you can download the title. We will send this link to your email address shortly.

In what format can I buy an e-book?

We offer titles in the two most common formats, ePub and PDF. Some titles are available in both of these formats and it is up to you which one you choose.

In what format can I buy audiobooks?

We offer audiobooks and audio files in the most widespread mp3 format. You can download these files directly to your device from the URL you receive via email. In most cases, you must first decompress (unzip) the purchased files. You can then play them in any application (for example Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, Winamp).

How can I read a purchased ebook? And what is a "DRM ebook"?

All electronic titles we have on offer are protected by the  DRMsystem, which is an electronic copyright protection format. Adobe is the worldwide administrator of these licenses. To read DRM titles, you need to install Adobe Digital Editions (free to download here). The first time you run it, you will create an Adobe user account and the program will process the licenses of the titles you have purchased. Download the file you open in Adobe Digital Editions from the URL you receive in the email. The machine will take care of the rest - it will connect to the content server and download the title to your computer.

Can I read purchased ebooks on other devices?

Yes. Adobe Digital Editions is also available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) as well as devices running Google Android. Adobe Digital Editions is also available on a variety of other devices and e-book readers. You can find a complete list here. Before purchasing e-titles, we recommend that you check the manual of your device to see if it supports this software.

I bought the wrong ebook. I want to make a complaint about the purchased ebook.

The purchase of electronic and audio books is not subject to the right of complaint, all sales are final. Once the purchase is made, the transaction can no longer be withdrawn. We would like to accommodate you in such situations, but also as a distributor at the time of your purchase, the licensee will issue an invoice, which we must pay unconditionally. Therefore, we ask you to be extra careful when making a purchase, and unfortunately later complaints cannot be taken into account.

How long will the purchased link be active? How many times can I download an ebook?

The link (URL address) expires in 2 cases - the ebook was downloaded 3x - 6x (depending on the specific title and publisher), or automatically 24 months after the purchase.

What happens when the link expires and I accidentally lose all my data?

Ebooks, like all other original digital data or software, are the responsibility of each of us. We therefore recommend that you make a regular backup of your data. If you have access to your Adobe account, you should be able to download your purchased ebooks to a new computer or device in the event of a loss. We are polite, but we strongly urge you to read carefully before buying ebooks Adobe Digital Editions Frequently Asked Questions and thus avoided possible complications..

On how many devices can I read my ebook at one time?

All titles with DRM protection can be available on 6 devices at one time. So you can have your ebook read at the same time, for example, on your PC, mobile phone and e-book reader.

How come the ebook is currently unavailable?

Although the ebook is not a paper book and should theoretically be available at all times, its availability is managed by the copyright owner. Therefore, in exceptional cases, the e-book may be temporarily unavailable. The publisher suspended her sale for some time.